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Our Objectives: Increasing Access to Capital in Manitoba

The objective of the Financial Analysis Branch is to encourage and facilitate entrepreneurial and employment opportunities within the province through the establishment of new businesses or the expansion/retention of existing Manitoba businesses.


How We Achieve Our Objectives

The Branch promotes increased access to capital for industry by serving as a principal source of financial advice and assistance for businesses to expand or locate in Manitoba. In addition to delivery and administration of financial programs for the department, the Branch develops and administers a number of third party delivered pools of risk capital.



  • Manitoba Works Capital Incentive
    The Manitoba Works Capital Incentive encourages significant new business investment or existing business expansion by creating a competitive tax environment to help diversify Manitoba’s economy and stimulate job creation. The proponent of an approved project under the incentive receives a tax rebate of the incremental education property taxes that are generated as a result of capital investment on the approved property for a period of up to 20 years or until education property taxes are eliminated, whichever is sooner.
  • Innovation Growth Program
    This program provides cost-sharing assistance to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) to assist them in developing and commercializing new innovative products and processes. The IGP will support SMEs in the development and growth stages of the business life-cycle to reduce the risks associated with innovative product development, accelerate growth and strengthen their financial position so they can secure future funding to build their Manitoba-based business.

Tax Credits

  • Community Enterprise Development Tax Credit (CEDTC)
    The CEDTC encourages Manitoban resident investors or eligible corporations (permanent establishment in Manitoba and 25% of salary and wages paid by the corporation are paid to individuals who are residents of Manitoba) to invest in specific community enterprises or in community development investment pools in their communities. The aim is to assist community based enterprise development projects in raising local equity capital.
  • Manitoba Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit (MIDMTC)
    The MIDMTC is a refundable corporate income tax credit.  Companies can qualify to claim either a 40% or 35% tax credit on eligible project costs they incur and pay to develop an eligible interactive digital media product in Manitoba.
  • Small Business Venture Capital Tax Credit Program (SBVCTC)
    The SBVCTC provides a non-refundable Manitoba tax credit of up to 45% to individuals and corporations who acquire equity capital in eligible Manitoba enterprises.
  • Employee Share Purchase Tax Credit
    The Employee Share Purchase Tax Credit offers new owners, including current employees (including directors and officers of an eligible corporation), support to buy in and own a portion of a business to support business growth and avoid business closures.
  • Complete List of Corporate Tax Credits
  • Federal Incentives

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